Todd Noah

My Philosphy..

I believe in shaking it up and empowering everyone around me to be their best selves.
I believe in heads down, hands on, progress.
I believe there is epic stuff still to be done.
I believe in surrounding yourself with people that have knowledge, want to share what they know and still desire to learn from others.
I believe there is no better time than today (no matter what day it is).
I believe my best ideas and dreams are still ahead of me and couldn’t be more stoked to chase them down.
I believe that every lesson has a cost (and that expense can be paid in many ways).
I don’t believe in decaf coffee… in fact, that stuff scares the heck out of me.

What I’ve Done and Do

My professional experience spans over two decades now (whew did that fly by!). I’ve been part of passionate start-up cultures, corporate environments, worked with not for profits, small companies, several years of independent consulting and spent some time running my own start-up.

What does all of this add up to? Many late nights (fueled by a deep love for the smell and taste of the dark rich beans that makes java), years of surrounding myself with some true innovators, and a whole lot of fun trying things – some worked… some not so much.

I graduated with a B.S. in Technology with an individualized major in Product Development at Missouri State University.

I have eighteen years of digital marketing experience. During these research-intensive years that motivated me to build things, analyze everything, and push the limits of conventional thinking. I’ve touched almost every channel in some capacity – graphic design, brand development, business analysis, gathered requirements & objectives, information architecture, user experience, interface design, front end development; HTML & CSS3, web apps, mobile apps, large ERP development, leading teams, finding resources, testing, PPC, SEO, PR, social media, analytics, content development. I’ve worked with several content management systems including Drupal, Word Press, DotNetNuke and Joomla. Heck, I even worked with a colleague who was building his own and most of the requirements came from my request while building a portal I was started.

I’ve worked in communications, video, lighting, animation and more. I am fortunate enough to have learned from some great people in my career and I still push myself to keep learning as I go. My obsession with how things work and how they can be improved upon has led me to consulting and cross-training. I gained experience at each job and the roles I’ve had; UX Designer, IA, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Director of UX, and a Director of IT Systems. I’ve also been a part of three startups. Its a blast if you can hang with it but it’s not for the person who likes simple routines in life and doesn’t like challenges – for sure.

I am grateful for the family I have, the knowledge I’ve obtained, the friends I’ve made and that The Man above gave to me a not so typical way of viewing things.

See my full resume here.

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